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*Pilates Instructor * MELT Method Length & Strength Instructor * Yoga Instructor*

About Kat

Kat Folger is thrilled to be teaching the MELT Method to her clients and students. Kat began her training with Sue Hitzmann, the creator of MELT, in 2009. She experienced a profound positive change from that first session. Kat has now completed the New Science of the Human Body(3X), the Full Instructor training and certification, MELT on Pilates and MELT STRENGTH training and certification.  Kat is a Certified Pilates & Yoga professional and a Corrective Exercise & Pilates Rehab Specialist. Kat is a life-long student attending several conventions and workshops yearly.  There is always new information and techniques to bring to her clients and students. No matter the modality of training, she sees positive improvement and lasting change in everyone who MELTS consistently. Kat is a multiple world-record holding skydiver who currently enjoys challenging herself with acro yoga, surfing, freeflying, and scuba diving.  ​