Previous to joining Kat's class, I considered myself a fairly savvy individual when it came to fitness. I never realized that I still had so much to learn. I was taking her classes and really enjoying myself to the point where I just went for the fun of it. Getting to know Kat and all the wonderful and supportive people that frequent her classes made it a joy and something that I actually craved. I was having so much fun I had forgotten to weigh myself. Until one day, one of my clients commented that I looked thinner. I knew my body was changing because some of my pants were getting a little loose, so at the end of October 2012 I decided to brave the scale again.  Not hoping for much this time, I hopped on and waited for those stupid little numbers to pop up. I looked down and to my amazement It said 156 lbs. Oh My God. I had lost 10 lbs in one month. I almost cried. So needless to say, I kept going.  By March 2013, 6 months later, I was down 25 lbs and two pants sizes..Not only did I look better, but I also felt amazing. I felt strong, I had better balance, I could physically play with my daughter and stepdaughter, who at that time were 7 and 10. I no longer had back aches or shoulder soreness and I just simply felt amazing. That’s when something even more awesome happened. My boyfriend, Joel, (who was about 40 lbs overweight himself) looked at me one day and said, “Babe, you look amazing. I can no longer deny the results you're getting from Kat's classes. I am leaving the gym and joining you in class."

Again, I could have cried. He started going with me, and to his great surprise he had the same results. 10 lbs in the first month and he felt great!

If I could recommend one thing to any person for a healthy mind and health body, It would be to expand your practice with Kat Folger. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for everything you have taught me and the awesome environment in which to learn. I’m sure Joel will second that. 

Robia Fleming


Kat Folgers Pilates and Yoga classes are AMAZING!!!! I have been doing pilates in group setting at the Hilltop Center for 2 years now and I am always challenged. Go to her private or semi-private sessions and go even deeper.   I often say that her classes are on my top 10 reasons to live in Fallbrook.  She has vast knowledge about the human body.  I have never been stronger or healthier.  She offers programs that work for ALL ages.  She is giving people the gift of strength, stability, flexibility...that equals vitality and total body wellness (coupled with a healthy lifestyle of course).    I highly recommend her classes.  Her methods are totally effective and I am hooked on the results. 


9/2017 Your help is priceless to me!  Today I had the first PAINFREE walk I've had in a year or two!  I can’t believe that yesterday's MELT work could have helped me so fast!  But it did!  I am amazed!  I am a Believer!
Thank you so much for your focused and precise help. I am healing :)

Every day I am so thankful that I found you, Kat.  You have been such a positive influence in all aspects of my well being.


July 2012, I finally faced the scale for the first time in years. As I looked down and waited for the digital numbers to register, I thought to myself, “This is not going to be good.” I didn't need a scale to know that I was overweight; I just wasn't sure how bad it was going to be.

The numbers came up: 167.5 lbs on a petite 5 foot 3 frame. In that moment, I realized this was “that day”.  The day I often wondered about when I would see other people struggling with obesity and the question always came up in my mind, "At what point do you stop and say 'maybe I should do something about my weight and health'?"

I had always been athletic as a child, running track, doing dance and yoga. I am even a certified yoga instructor.  However, life, relationships, my business and my kids took priority and I had stopped taking time for my own health. So I decided that I would join a gym and start eating healthy. The next day I joined my local gym. I was very excited.  I figured with my background I would be back in shape in no time. Muscle has memory, right? I was eating a very healthy 1500 calorie a day diet rich with protein, vegetables, fruit and “smart” grains. I would spend 45 min on the treadmill at a fast pace walk and 15 min on an elliptical or star master, then an hour of mixed calisthenics: crunches, stretching and light weight in high repetition. I was doing it right, right?? I was cranking out 2 hours a day, 4 days a week with what Kat refers to as "unintelligent exercise". 

I would only weigh myself once a week so as to not get discouraged. "These things take time," I told myself. After a month, I was all the way down to 166.5 lbs. Wow, a whole pound! But again I told myself to just stick with it. I continued my strict regiment throughout August and September.  At the end of September, to my disbelief I weighed 164.5 lbs. I had been busting my butt 8 hours a week for almost 3 months and lost a whopping 3 lbs… I was pissed!

At that point I decided that I was wasting my time and maybe after having my daughter that I was just never going to be thin again, That’s when I made another decision, I wasn’t going to worry about the weight. I was going to focus on my health and mental well being and just be happy with who I am now. That’s when I found Kat Folger.

I have taken a lot of yoga classes and “fitness classes” in my life. I liked a lot of them but found it to be quite annoying how many people seemed to be judgmental as to how you look and what you're wearing. I was put off because fitness is not a fashion contest. But the first day I walked into Kat’s class, I realized there was a different vibe, one that was comfortable and nonjudgmental - and that’s saying a lot coming from a heavily tattooed woman who lives in a small religious town.

Anyway, I took up Kat's class 4 days a week. Yoga on Monday and Friday mornings, Pilates on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. But instead of 2 hours a day I was only doing 1. That’s when I learned about "intelligent exercise".

To Kat, from Denise.

"your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card.  how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark."  Jay Danzie

Learn simple self-care techniques you can use every day to make your body feel better and function more efficiently.  Relieve aches and pains brought on by aging and active living.  Reduce inflammation, ease chronic neck and low back strain, improve alignment, and learn how to keep you whole body working better.  

We'll use soft foam rollers and MELT Balls to expand on what you have experienced as we rehydrate the connective tissue throughout your body and make your muscles happy!

The M.E.L.T Method is an innovative science-based self-treatment program introduces a paradigm for pain-free living.  You will learn about your auto-pilot; the system of your body that is supporting, protecting, and stabilizing you and how it works without your conscious control.  Aging and active living can make this all important system inefficient and imbalanced leading to the majority of chronic aches and pains.  Learn how easy it is to bring it back to a more efficient state.  You will feel a difference from your first class.  

Dear Kat,
I just want to share with you how valuable your teaching is, and the 'ripple effect' here in my family. Our youngest came home with a bike challenge for himself. He did the same thing last year. The social network site  "Strava," (for cyclists & runners,) issued a challenge for December: 500km in 8 days  and you earn a special embroidered patch....Of course with this incentive, my husband and Son #1, now had to join him. However, neither of them are use to the daily mileage that Son #2 puts in.
So, every day here, since last Friday, my guys have been out riding....averaging 5 hours a day. Coming home sore, and reluctantly submitting to my insistence on Melting their hands/feet/legs...hips/back, etc. Of course, my husband understands the rewards of the roller, but it didn't take long for the boys to realize their own results, and how it helps 'before & after' the ride. While trying my best to recount the essence of your many lectures, Son #1 asked suspiciously, "So what medical training do you have that makes you so sure of all this, Dr.?"
"I'm 60yrs. old, and I've never felt better in my life," I responded.
Later, I heard him tell my husband, "Don't tell Mom I said this - but this Melt stuff really works. Dad, I couldn't have done all this riding if it weren't for her." 
Everybody earned their patch, everybody's still walking - And I attribute that all to you,  dear Kat!!!! 

What is a MELT Class?

Treat yourself to a MELT Intro course and experience immediate changes in how your body looks and feels. Learn simple self- treatments you can do at home to remain active, healthy, and pain-free for life.

This all-levels course will use specialized soft body rollers and small MELT Hand and Foot Balls to simulate the results of manual therapy. Relieve aches and pains brought on by aging and active living. Reduce inflammation, ease chronic neck and low back strain, improve alignment, and learn how to keep your whole body working better.

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"Kat! My body feels so good today!!  I'm good sore in all the right places and my lower back pain finally feels relief!  Thank you again for what you do and for our workout yesterday!  Everything we did was exactly what i needed!!!  I'm so very thankful for you!  Meghan


I started taking Kat Folger's Pilates class about 18 months ago and have been going twice a week for about a year.  I recently visited my parents and witnessed how my father has lost mobility as he has aged until he now can only walk by dragging his feet forward with great effort.  He is also so weak that he cannot hold himself upright and his balance is so poor that he has to hold onto a railing or wall just to walk on flat ground.  He has had spinal surgery to arrest the decline, but it hasn't improved his health at all.  

As I have found the hard way, you can't force someone else to improve their own life, you can only learn from their example and work on yourself.  Seeing my father and other members of my family decline in health motivates me to make sure I don't follow the same path. 

I am so glad that I found Kat and her classes.  I feel like I have gained so much strength and flexibility while training with her, and chronic pain that I used to live with (probably caused by the same spinal issues that have affected my father) has virtually disappeared.  When it does recur, I now know what to do to alleviate it and what I need to strengthen to avoid injury.  I feel like as long as I keep coming to class, I won't have to lose heath as I get older, I can actually get stronger and more fit as I age! Thank you, Kat!  


Hi Kat,

I just wanted to say thank you,  thank you,  thank you, for all that you do!  I really appreciate you and so does my body.


I want to thank you for all you've done for me week after week including preparing me for various trips.  You are a loving supportive knowing skilled professional!!!!

Professor Karen Fusion